In her work, Mado Rodrigues experiments with bio-materials to create installations and electronic objects. She demonstrates interest in different medias such as photography, videos, installations / performances and she enjoys turning them into artistic productions. Her practice engages the public through relations between both humans and animals, or human consideration for other life forms. She consistently uses materials bearing in mind ethical and symbolic dimensions.


    Mado grew up and studied in Toulouse (France). She started studying visual art in 2013 at the University of Toulouse II Jean Jaurès where she obtained her bachelor of arts. During her art studies, Mado carried out numerous group projects, with other art students, which were displayed upon many occasions in the University. 

In 2016, she integrated the numerical master’s degree of art to perfect her numeric abilities as well as learning more about the impact of new technologies. She was fascinated by biologic techniques and biohacking which inspired her into creating living art projects. Her silkworm-breeding is a good example using the Arduino system to automate the process. This self-managing incubation process allows the silkworm to turn into a butterfly and collects the silk during the process. The goal of the project was to produce a post-cancer ablation silk breast prothesis without harming the silkworms.

At the European FabLab Festival 2017, she exposed her silkworm-breeding project and participated in Romain Di Vozzo’s round table « Exploring DIY Biohacking Practices ». This silkworm project to date has been exhibited at the European Night of Researchers in Albi, at the « Dimanche au bord du lac de la Reynerie »,  along with the exhibition at the « Fête de la Science 2017 ». 

2020 march  - SAUVAGEONNES! , Mix’art Myrys, Toulouse (France)

Eco-féminist exhibition, 

2019 december - Exhibition « L’après? »,  ''Résistance'' space, Toulouse

2019 may / june - The Toulouse Hacker Space Factory #10 in Mix’art Myrys, Collective exhibition and conference « Return of the Finite State Machine II »

2019 may - Festival of Numerical Art in St Orens
Exposition collective et ateliers artistiques à destination de jeunes publics

2019 may / june - "Métissages"  Espace Résistance, Toulouse

Collective exhibition of franch artists.

2019 january / february - Exhibition at the CIAM La Fabrique, in Toulouse
Collective exhibition « INTERMONDE(S) fiction/chantier/utopie » with Alain Bublex (french artist), at the University Toulouse II Jean Jaurès

2018 september - Restitution de résidence à Mix’art Myrys, Toulouse
 workshop and Nightwork win audivisual performs  « Transtopie.s » organize by patch_work association

2018 may - The Toulouse Hacker Space Factory #9, à Mix’art Myrys, Toulouse

Collective exhibition, conference « Finite State Machine for fun and profit», and electronic workshop.

2017 september - Exhibition / Workshop, Toulouse

Festival Un dimanche au bord du lac de la Reynerie  : bio-artistic workshop with Diane Trouillet

2017 september - Nuit Européenne des Chercheurs, Albi


2017 may - FabLab Festival 2017, Toulouse

2016 may / june - Exhibition « La Vie en Rose », Espace Résistance, Toulouse 

2016 may - Rencontre(s) ! exhibition, Université Toulouse II Jean Jaurès

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